Never again ● absent always ● availableactiveonline!


moves your mouse automatically

Always be ● available on Teams Zoom WebEx Skype Cisco Jabber GoToMeeting Google Meet Slack !

You were too slow again with the annoying mouse movement,

Your computer is in the lock screen and everyone sees you as ● absent?!

You have to constantly enter your password and explain why you are ● absent?

You want to be available for everyone all the time!

Get the MouseDancer app, put your mouse on your phone and always be ● online!


You want to be available on all channels and take a break from the daily madness?

MouseDancer takes care of the constant moving of your mouse and gives you room to breathe.

Make a good impression with permanent availability and amaze your friends with how productive you are.

Farm in games while you sleep and show everyone how relaxed you are to achieve your goals.

You've come to the right place. Fancy a dance?

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Get your freedom back!
Find the right animation for your mouse intuitively or drop the covers and get your laser mouse on the dance floor too.
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Freedom Now !

Work-life balance is talked about everywhere, now it's up to you to live it.

Let your mobile phone do the work and stop worrying about what others think about you, you're always available from now on. With MouseDancer you are always ready!


Most frequent questions and answers

Mousedancer is the app that makes your life easier and lets you stay online even though you are doing something else. So you are always available and have time for yourself and the important things in life.

You are online with Microsoft Teams, Jabber or another service and don't want your PC to go into sleep mode. Launch the app and start up.

Start Mousedancer, just put your mouse on your mobile and let your mind wander.

Mousedancer works on any smartphone, whether Android or IOS.

Yes, no matter whether you have an optical or laser mouse.
The Mousedancer makes them all dance.

If you have a laser mouse, activate the vibration mode and let your mouse shake for you.

Try out different positions and find your perfect position.

We do not track or store any data!

The advantage of MouseDancer is that nothing of the app can be seen on your PC and it can be run autonomously on your mobile phone.

All you need is a working cable or wireless mouse.

Every smartphone is different. For longer use, it's best to connect your phone to the charging cable. For short use, you can also start right away.

Mousedancer does not need any data volume and can work independently for you.

Only updates to the app consume data volume.

Here are some points that can help you.


  1. The mouse pointer also only needs to move very slightly to maintain the desired function. Every mouse is different.


  1. If it still doesn't work right away, select another animation or change your mouse position, e.g. rotated 45 or 90 degrees on your display!


  1. The brightness of your display is also important. This should be at least 80 % or more.


  1. Try both the Animation and Vibraboost functions at the same time. Try to use your smartphone without a cover, the Vibraboost may only work on the back of your phone. (A small sheet of paper between the display and the mouse can also help).


  1. It is also important to place the mobile phone directly on the table during the Vibraboost without a mousepad! (This would only buffer the vibration).


  1. Keep your room well lit so that the animation works best. If the room is too darkly lit, this will have an enormous influence on the function!


  1. It also helps to place the mouse quickly on the display, as it is already sensitive to its surface and indicates movements more quickly.


We hope that these points will help you.


If nothing helps, you are welcome to contact our support:

Get it now

- 40% off -

Only €2.99

Autumn Sale Offer
only valid until 31.11.2023

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